Ten forex trading strategies

Ten forex trading strategiesForex Trading is one of the hotly debated topics due to its handsome returns to the forex trader. The trader would need to do comprehensive research and ought to have exhaustive learning of how forex trading works to make a profit for himself. Then again, forex trading can also be risky because it includes hypotheses and future predictions.

It relies upon the movement of money in the global market. On the off chance that the correct approach and procedures are not contrived, the forex trader may wind up losing heaps of cash.

Forex trading is a massive market with a total volume as large as 5 trillion dollars. If your moves are not adequately strategized, based on the movement of the market, you can lose your investment in a jiffy. Forex trading might look easy because of its high returns on low investments, but the risk is also equally high.

As it is said that higher risk higher rewards, therefore the high-risk factor is part and parcel of these high returns. In this article, we will be focused on ten specific strategies related to forex trading that is used by experienced traders. These strategies will help you in making a profit for yourself.


The Bladerunner Trade

The Bladerunner is an extraordinarily decent EMA hybrid methodology, reasonable over all time periods and forex pairs. It is a drifting technique that tries to pick breakouts from a continuation and exchange the retests.


Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade

Fibonacci Pivot Trades join Fibonacci retracements and expansions with day by day, week by week, month to month and even yearly rotations. The accentuation in the dialog here is on utilizing these mixes with day by day rotations only. However, this strategy can be lengthened to any time frame of your choice by incorporating different types and combinations of rotations.


Bolly Band Bounce Trade

The Bolly Band Bounce Trade is impeccable in a running business sector. Numerous traders utilize it in a blend with affirming signals, to extraordinary impact. On the off chance that Bollinger Bands appeals to you, this one is certainly justified to be tried by you.


Forex Dual Stochastic Trade

The Dual Stochastic Traders use two stochastics – one moderate and one quick – in the mix to pick zones where forex prices are inclining yet overextended in a fleeting retracement and going to change once more into a continuation of the pattern.


Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trade

Overlapping Fibonacci exchanges are the top picks of a few traders. If they are used in solitude, their consistent quality can be a little lower than a many of the other strategies but, yet if you use this strategy in combination with any different plan, the combined outcome can be amazingly accurate.


London Hammer Trade

The further instability you get when London opens brings about some unique and incredible opportunities. The London Hammer Trade is an attempt to exploit these opportunities. Particularly powerful amid the London session, it can be utilized at any point in time, when a price is probably going to take off emphatically one way, and potentially turning around from a point similarly with the same force.


The Bladerunner Reversal

As defined in the beginning, the Bladerunner is a pattern following strategy. The Bladerunner reversal, as the name suggests itself, works in the opposite direction. When you see that the pricing trends are shifting gears and going in the reverse direction, you should start picking your entries when the trading begins on the other side of the EMA.


The Pop n Stop Trade

If that you’ve, at any point, attempted to pursue cost when it limits away to the upside, to endure the inevitable loss when it similarly as fast turns around, you will need the strategy of the pop and stop exchange in your bag of tricks. There is bound to be a simple trick to determine the direction in which the price will continue. You should know the trick so that you can make money out of these situations.


The Drop n Stop Trade

It is the opposite of the above Pop and Stops trade. This strategy will help you in trading ruthless breakouts on the downside.


Trading the Forex Fractal

This strategy is also one of the fundamental concepts that can help you understand the fundamentals of the market. This will help you know what the price is doing, what’s the reason behind it and which factors are involved in this movement.



Forex trading is a popular business, but one wrong move can result in a considerable loss of money. All the above strategies can help you in devising your steps in this ruthless market. The returns are high, but the risk is equally high. If you strategize your moves accordingly, you can end up making huge profits.